High-quality flakes for your animal feed

Bouton is specialized in processing single raw materials with a special focus on flakes that offer the greatest added value to your animal feed.

Our extensive range of high-quality flakes:

  • Made of high-quality raw materials
  • 100% pure natural products
  • Higher digestibility thanks to heat treatment during the production process
  • Usable in various animal feeds

Throughout the years Bouton has built up a reputation as a reliable supplier and partner. We manage the whole production process ourselves and guarantee a thorough quality control from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the flakes.


Our flakes offer the best guarantee for healthy and nutritious feeds for bovines, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits and pets.

We process a great variety of raw materials into high-quality ingredients for use in animal feeds.

Our flakes are available in different specific densities.


Grains: are processed into maize flakes, barley flakes, wheat flakes, spelt flakes, oat flakes…

Maize flakes

Barley flakes

Wheat flakes

Spelt flakes

Black oat flakes

white oat flakes

Flakes mixture

Grain legumes

Grain legumes: are processed into pea flakes, lupin flakes, horse bean flakes, soy bean flakes, ... 

Lupine flakes

Pea flakes

Horse bean flakes


Other crops

Other crops: such as beet flakes, …

Beet flakes

Side streams from the production process

Side streams from the production process: Boutex® flour: a high-quality ingredient for animal feed formulas, Boutex®, broken maize,...

Boutex flour


Broken maize

Packaging and labeling

Our flakes are offered in different packaging options, entirely at the customer's wish:

  • Unpacked/bulk (we load tippers and bulk trailers)
  • Big bags
  • Bags

Labelling is done in accordance with statutory European standards and may also be personalized at the customer's request.

Packaging options


Big bags Bouton

Big bags blank

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