Why choose Bouton?

Every day Bouton dedicates itself to contributing to the quality of your animal feed by means of high-quality flakes. The company has its roots in the agricultural sector but also looks towards the future with an ambitious eye.

Flexibility is an asset

Bouton aims at low production costs by means of a well-thought-out production process. Bouton deliberately chooses a sustainable future, for which we treat our raw materials as efficiently as possible.

Flexibility and the possibility of anticipating are musts in our sector. At Bouton this is embedded in the DNA of all our employees.
We have our own fleet and transport service at our disposal, but we also cooperate with a network of professional FCA-certified transporters.
Our ample storage capacity and rapid loading enable us to react quickly to requests from our customers.

Quality from A to Z

  1. Bouton is committed to quality across the board. We prove this every day by:
    • Being selective in the choice of our suppliers and raw materials
    • Strict entry checks
    • Managing a well-thought-out and controlled production process
    • Complete quality control during and after production.

Bouton works in conformity with the HACCP quality standards and is FCA-certified.

Customer-oriented and solution-oriented

Being customer-oriented means listening to customers, but also searching proactively for the appropriate solutions for our customers. In that way we have grown in the last few years, while also continuing our development.
Customer orientation is made up of many things: a friendly welcome, a word given, but also constantly improving production processes for an ever better return.
Inspired by our customers we strive every day for even faster service, a more streamlined reporting, but also for an expansion of our product range.

The best value for money

Supplying consistent quality is our way of unburdening our customer. To achieve this we are continuously working on the optimization of our production processes. At the same time we aim at having our production proceed as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible cost, so that our customers may enjoy the most economical solution.

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