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Safety, health and traceability are musts in the feed and agricultural sectors. To comply with this Bouton works in conformity with the HACCP quality standards and we are FCA-certified.


The Bouton guarantee

Flakes of a consistent quality: that’s the Bouton guarantee that our customers may expect of us every day.

To guarantee food safety, the health of the animals and the quality of our products we apply a strict auto control system.


Complete control, total quality

  • Strict checking of FCA-recognized suppliers and local farmers
  • Control of NON-GMO raw materials in the context of VLOG
  • Strict entry check of the supply of raw materials
  • Correct registration for complete tracing
  • Monitoring and quality checks of various parameters from receipt of the raw materials until delivery of the final product
    • - Visual inspections
    • - Checks of physical hazards
    • - Analyses of microbiological and chemical hazards
    • - Participation in SYNAGRA and BFA sampling plans
    • - GMO analyses on the finished products according to an internal sampling plan
  • Analyses by independent, accredited laboratories
  • A well-thought-out, efficient and supervised production process
  • FSDS tokens for information and specific properties of our products

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